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The purest infusion of goodness .. the best alternative to table salt.. Super Veggie of the sea ○°•°○⊙°°•○

The complete nutritional powerhouse ~
Kelp contains a wonderful array of micro and macronutrients that are bioavailable and easily absorbed in our bodies.
This amazing product is becoming more and more well known, used as a corner stone for essential nutrients easily infused into our food.
Our products are packaged to easily use as well as designed completely plastic free.

Our super veggie of the sea is carefully selected sustainably by hand from the pristine waters of Mystery Bay on Far South Coast NSW.
Mystery Bay Kelp (mbK) is a premium quality product. Ecklonia radiata is the variety we harvest by hand, unfarmed and is in the top 10 sea algaes for nutritional content.
A superfood of the sea, used for gut support and healing, an excellent source of natural iodine that is essential for the thyroid gland. Every cell in our body needs iodine, this includes regulating metabolism and foetal brain development during pregnancy.

Kelp seaweed is also being used for the treatment of eostrogen based cancer. With the added benefits of vitamins, minerals, trace elements + antioxidants, mbK can be used for an instant infusion of premium + readily absorbed nutrients when cooking or adding to food at your table.
Gathered to bring good health to you ~ Pure from Sea to Serve !

☆ Paleo ☆ Vegan ☆ Keto ☆ GF

We gather the the freshest, youngest kelp that have naturally broken from their holdfast and washed into the shore.
The seaweed is then thoroughly washed in the ocean and transported just up the road to our family farm to dry in the sun naturally, snap locking in the true flavour and nutrients. We then process the kelp to a fine granule. mbK is extremely versatile, suitable for adding to cooking, juicing, baking, stir frys, meats, salads, vegies the list goes on!

This pristine product is free from any artificial additives or anti-caking agents. It is not washed in fresh water.
mbK is ideal for use in all facets of food prep as a nutritional booster, can be used as a thickener when cooking and easily included into a balanced diet.
Add a good sprinkling to every meal. The mbK pods can also be taken on the run to add to cafe or restaurant meals for that extra infusion of flavour and nutrients.
The perfect alternative to salt whilst putting some seaweed love back into the foodchain 😍

mbK - mystery bay Kelp. Where is mbK sourced from?

Where is mbK sourced from?

mbK is gathered exclusively from the beach and cove of Mystery Bay where it is provided by Mother Nature. We select the freshest, healthiest kelp then place on racks to sundry.. Learn more

mbK - mystery bay Kelp. Where is mbK sourced from?

The Vitamins & Minerals Found in Kelp

Vitamins A B C E and K ..plus 35 essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements are the makeup of Mystery Bay Kelp. Please refer to our health section for more details. Learn more

mbK - mystery bay Kelp. Where is mbK sourced from?

Our Favourite Kelp Recipes

Stop by our recipe section for recipe suggestions, we are crazy about our new line "Garlic Infusion" Yumm... Learn more

mbK - mystery bay Kelp. Selected sustainably by hand from our pristine waters of Mystery Bay

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mbK - mystery bay Kelp. Selected sustainably by hand from our pristine waters of Mystery Bay

100% mystery bay Kelp

"Ecklonia Radiata"