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The deliciously different seaweed blends...
Used by naturopaths & celebrity chefs
Support your health naturally
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Delicious Australian Seaweed seasonings used & recommended by natural health practitioners
& celebrity chefs.

The purest infusion of Umami goodness & a complete taste sensation.

mbK ~ Mystery Bay Kelp is a premium quality product.

Ecklonia radiata is the variety we harvest from the wild seas of Mystery Bay NSW, unfarmed.

Top 10 sea algaes for nutritional content.

Vitamins A B C E & K + 35 other essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

mbK has incredible levels of essential micro and macronutrients that are bioavailable and easily absorbed into our bodies.

mbK is the preferred choice for seaweed lovers ~ it has a very mild flavour base, slightly salty & umami ~ smooth on the palate in its pure form.

Say NO to plastic! We draw the line in the sand when it comes to plastic. Read our pledge — to you and to the ocean here.

mbK is gathered exclusively from the beach and cove of Mystery Bay where it is provided by Mother Nature. We select the freshest, healthiest kelp then place on racks to sun-dry...


Delicious artisan organic blends infused with land based superfoods.

mbK is widely known & acknowledged in many chef’s kitchens.

Focusing on flavour & innovation, taking seaweed to a whole other culinary level.

mbK ~ Mystery Bay Kelp is Australia’s newest & fastest growing seaweed brand.

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Carefully selected sustainably by hand from the pristine waters of Mystery Bay
on Far South Coast NSW.


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