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Narooma Oyster Festival a hit !

My Sis Suzi and I on the day at the mbK marquee Sat May 4th 2019

Fun times had by all at our first homegrown “Narooma Oyster Festival”

Wow what a turn out ! A fantastically supported OF this year was apparent . Sooo many visitors to our local event and the quality of the oysters was amazing and world class, I have no doubt … Was so great to meet so many new customers and have some of our regulars call in & say Hi, have a chat about health and seaweed in the diet. We were constantly complimented on our packaging and plastic free choice!!

Thanks everybody for your enthusiastic support of our efforts to keep the range plastic free ! Our Umami Black kelp dust stole the show at our marquee, infused liberally onto local Wagonga inlet grown oysters from “Southern Cross Oysters” Our black garlic infused kelp dust was met with lots of praise on how delicious and truely “Umami-san” they were ! We will definitely be back next year. ❀

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“Nooch” Nutritional Yeast- A Tasty, Cheesy Umami flavour !

Nutritional Yeast is our special Infusion for the extra B Vitamin hit. A favourite of the Vegan world, this is popular due to its B Vitamin hit! We use the fortified variety with the added B12 as this does not occur naturally.

Here’s a quick link to read more about this tasty, cheese, umami hit. Just launched at our local Tilba Festival !


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It has arrived ” UMAMI BLACK “

2 superfoods together ! All the health benefits of black garlic. Black Garlic is created when our regular organic garlic is cooked slowly at around 70 degrees for 2-3 weeks. Umami…. the 5th taste. A Japanese scientist was the first person to discover the savoury taste of the amino acid glutamic acid which was found to occur in soup stocks made with seaweed. This 5th basic taste, alongsidesweet, soir, salty and bitter was named Umami meaning “savoriness” in Japanese.

Our taste Sensation!!!

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For Real ?? – Mbk gets infused with Tilba Real Dairy !!

Way back in 1921 my Gr Gr Grandfather John Josiah Poole of Mystery Bay delivered milk to the Central Tilba ABC Cheese Factory. Now look what’s happened ! nearly 100 years later I will be delivering Kelp,(they wouldn’t of believed it) 😜
This has been one of my dreams for mbK. We are thrilled to be providing Tilba Real Dairy with our local veggie of the sea –
Mystery Bay Kelp.
You’ll find it on the shelf tomorrow !
(We think it tastes pretty amazing) πŸ˜œβ€οΈπŸŒΏπŸ’¦