Our Pledge

We say NO to plastic …but we say YES to good health! So we carry this forward to our oceans as well.  That’s why choosing to go entirely plastic free in our range is so important to us.

Coming from the “Land Down Under”, as remote as we are, we also experience the extra load plastic is playing on our coastal environments and habitats here also. Not only do we pick up any plastic we see during our kelp collections but we flatly refuse to add any more ANYWHERE including landfill. We use cellophane in our pod refill packs as it is a natural substance and completely biodegradable, this way it keeps mbK at its freshest.

Please join us in choosing products that are completely free of plastic packaging, as when consumers begin by making these choices in their regular shopping habits, only then will the retailers look for better environmental choices.  In keeping with our plastic free commitments, please note you have a choice with postage, you can choose either flat rate (which has plastic post satchel with tracking) or our automaticaly generated post which can post all our products in a tough (thick cardboard/paper) envelope.

We use recycled pearl cotton pink wrap to wrap products in of which is biodegradable, and shredded paper as packing that is contained in all our postage options. Another option – if you live locally, feel free to go completely postage and plastic free and collect direct from us!

Looking to the future, we wish to commence and support coastal school initiatives, whereby we encourage plastic collection drives and sponsor the children to collect rubbish from their local beaches. Each kg or bucket of plastic and rubbish collected will be awarded dollars towards school projects ..watch this space 😉



mbK for life – Our pledge – Kelp Australia