Our Story

Growing up on a beef cattle property near the beaches of Central Tilba NSW, I would come to Mystery Bay often and spend time with my grandparents as a kid. My grandparents and I would explore all the coves and beaches for adventures and marvel at the rock formations and beauty of this place.  I recall to the 70s, the beaches were covered in blue stone and there wasn’t much sand around, however there was lots of kelp. Fast forward to 2021 and I find my home here and there is plenty of sand and kelp around.

I first began playing around with kelp as a teenager, making “tonics” for my skin. Mum would get cross as I rusted up her blender to make it.  In 2010 I was diagnosed with a thyroid disease. Hypo, stemming from iodine deficiency. To cut a long story short, with the help of an intergrative therapist, The Lucy rose clinic in Canberra, https://thelucyroseclinic.com.au/our-approach/

Without their help I would certainly not be where I am and doing what I am doing today. Please if you want to get to the bottom of any thyroid issue and not getting anywhere with your GP ? Then do yourself a favour and see these guys. Mention us and you will receive a discount on your first consult.. I recommend everybody as they were the only ones that could fix me!
I am now completely free of the levothyroxine medication that I was taking, of which was doing nothing but make me feel worse.

I watched  a documentary on “Catalyst” and learnt that seaweed (kelp) was rich in natural iodine. After testing with my intergrative therapist I was informed that the thyroid disease (goitre) in my body was resultant of a lack of iodine. I was rapidly heading towards an auto immune disease and have happily caught it before my body developed this. Do read Dr David Brownstein’s book “Iodine & why we need it” linked here: https://cube-blackbird-rjba.squarespace.com/shop/p/salt-your-way-to-health

I have turned my diet around and after more reading I have discovered that kelp is rich in over 35 vitamins and minerals, therefore I began collecting it for myself and my family to use at our table. Kelp is an excellent natural source of macro/ micro nutrients including the life giving Iodine.

At Mystery Bay Kelp we sustainably select the freshest kelp by hand that have naturally broken from their holdfast and washed in close to the shore. The kelp is then washed in the ocean and then transported just up the road to our family property to dry in the sun naturally. This snap locks the true flavour and nutrients. We then process the kelp to a fine granule suitable for cooking, juicing, baking, stir fry’s sprinkled onto pretty much anything.

I am constantly working on other ways to use the magic product in our home and at the table. Sadly, with the toxins that are still allowed (!?) in our food chain that contribute to the onset of poor health, along with the depletions of iodine stores, now is the time to focus on our health, keep our family and ourselves healthy and free from disease.

Thank you for reading.


Lee-Anne Eddie