Hemp & Nutritional Yeast – Pod Refill 100g


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Our Australian seaweed seasoning is a powerhouse of macro and micro nutrients which is infused with nutritional yeast + hemp seeds.

Packed full of B vitamins especially B6 + B12 & the omegas! Everyone can enjoy this one, particularly Vegans who need to stay on top of essential vitamins and minerals.

A terrific replacement for cheese if dairy intolerant – Yum they say!




Australian Seaweed – Nutritional Yeast Refill 100g

Say NO to plastic! We draw the line in the sand when it comes to plastic – Australian Seaweed – Nutritional Yeast Refill 100g.

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Our Australian seaweed is a powerhouse of macro and micro nutrients which is infused with nutritional yeast + hemp seeds.

Nutritional yeast is a highly nutritious vegan food product. As a result, this provides many potential health benefits.


We create our Australian seaweed products with the infusion of kelp and land based superfoods. Kelp is a type of brown seaweed that grows in nutrient-rich coastal fronts. Kelp is high in antioxidants,  containing carotenoids and flavonoids. Therefore, this helps with the fight against disease-causing free radicals. Our kelp is sustainably hand harvested at Mystery Bay, NSW, Australia.

Australian Seaweed - mbK Sustainably Hand Havested

Health Benefits

Kelp contains many health benefits. A number of these benefits include:

  1. Enhance cell growth & renewal
  2. Supports gut health, digestion & acts as a trans fat blocker
  3. Thyroid support
  4. Kelp contains fucoidan, known for its powerful healing compound
  • Sea veggies are an incredible gift from the sea, as they provide all minerals and trace elements required for your body’s physiological functions. In addition, these are in quantities greatly exceeding those of land plants. They include iodine laden which is essential for cell’s healthy development.
  • Sea veggies present these highly valued nutrients to your body in a chelated, colloidal, optimally balanced form. They are then bio-available, that is your body understands how to utilize and absorb them.
  • However, please always consult with your health professional for healing advice for your unique health situation. Begin all dietary changes with small increments and go with what feels right for you. For further information – click here.

Australian Seaweed - mbK Health Benefits

Using mbK

  • Like eating any fruit or vegetable, eating mbK is best raw. For a quick, easy infusion simply sprinkle straight onto food. For example, avocados, eggs, toast, salads, steamed veggies, stirfrys, curries, laksa, Thai dishes, bone marrow broths, soups etc.
  • Easy for an unaltered infusion of goodness.
  • There are many ways to cook using kelp. However,  the whole purpose behind creating mbK was for a super easy and nutritious way to add some seaweed love to your diet.

mbK is…100% pure “Ecklonia radiata” selected by hand, sun-dried and ground into fine granules ready for an instant infusion of goodness into any meal in the kitchen and at the table.

Australian Seaweed - Using mbK

Get Cooking

Check out our delicious recipes – click here.

Australian Seaweed - mbK Recipes

mbK Features on Better Homes and Gardens

Watch mbK founder, Lee-Anne, share her story of creating her Australian kelp seasonings and superfood infusions with amazing health benefits – click here.

Australian Seaweed - mbk & Better Homes & Garden

Additional information

Weight .115 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 10 cm

Mystery Bay kelp, nutritional yeast and hemp.


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